Some Important Facts You Should Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

If you are planning to retire or getting closer to 65 then you must think about your future plans and get yourself covered with a health insurance. If you are late to do it or neglect it, you may have to pay a penalty at a later stage and regret the decision. So it’s better to keep yourself covered by enrolling to Medicare Advantage plans and be relieved.

Medicare helps to cover some specific services in two parts namely part A and part B which consists of hospital insurance and medical insurance respectively. The person must decide whether he/she is going to enrol in part A or part B and do that while turning 65.

What are actually Medicare Advantage plans?  Visit this site to find out:

Most of the aspects of health insurance are covered by the Medicare but the things it doesn’t, are covered by the Medicare Advantage plans like co-insurance, co-payments and some deductibles. Sometimes the plans also cover a few services that are not covered by the original Medicare. For example, travelling outside the country will exempt you from medical care services if you only have Medicare services.

Having a Medicare Advantage plans will help you in the following way:

  • Medicare pays your health care costs which are approved.
  • The advantage plan policies bear rest of the amount.

Some important points about Medicare Advantage plans

  • It is mandatory to have part A and part B of Medicare.
  • The insurance company needs to be paid every month for the advantage plans in addition to the monthly charges that needs to be paid for part B to Medicare.
  • The Medicare Advantage plans are available from any company licensed to sell in your state. So, you can buy it from them.
  • If anyone already has a medical savings account from Medicare, then it is illegal for any company to sell the advantage plans.
  • The things not covered by Medicare are the long term cares like hearing aids, dental cares and eye care.

Plans not belonging to Medicare Advantage plans

  • Prescription drug plans from Medicare
  • Some employer or union plans
  • Veteran benefits
  • Indian health service plans

Switching Medicare Advantage plans

If you are willing to switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan that suits you better, then, you must be aware of the timing of switching the plan and the late enrolling fee that you have to pay extra.

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