Medicare Supplement Plans for Not So Old People

Being under the age of 65 has special hassles if you wish to opt for a Medicare supplement plan. Medicare supplement plans are generally for the elderly above the age of sixty five but there are a few plans that apply to people who have not yet reached the desired 65 mark. Illness can occur any time during a man’s life and therefore it is essential to keep in mind the external sources of help for medical expenses.

How the Plans Apply below 65?

The laws of the government do not allow the insurance companies to grant Medicare Supplement Plans to people under the age of sixty five. However, certain countries have brought an exception to this rule by involving people under the age of 65 to get enrolled in Medicare plans. The person needs to show that he suffers from end-stage renal disease.

People suffering from the Lou Gehrig’s disease are also eligible for the Medicare Supplement Plans. One of the reasons for allowing people affected is because this particular disease gets worse with time and therefore involves continuous care and medication. It is also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in which the person suffering has reduced nerve cells that disables his senses to make voluntary muscles to move. Men are more likely to develop this disease and therefore stand as more eligible for the Medicare plans.

If you receive incentives for your disabilities from SSA or RRB then too are you eligible for enrollment in a Medicare plan under the age of 65.

Problems arising out of the Schemes

With certain Medicare Supplement plans applying before the age of 65 to a selected few people may try to cheat upon the insurance companies by showing that they indeed suffer from the diseases. This may lead to many scams in the community of old people. It is therefore very essential to check the date of births of a person using a trusted certificate.

Doctors must first send a patient for a test of the prescribed diseases to determine whether the person actually suffers from them. However, nowadays doctors are getting involved in the scam as a result of which the authenticity of medical practitioners is being garbled with. This needs to be prevented as otherwise it would lead to an ignominy of the medical profession. The government needs to intervene in order to prevent the use of unfair means to receive benefits.

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